Dolní Necklace

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  • inspired by prehistoric stone spindle whorls used for spinning thread or yarn
  • available in yellow brass or white brass
  • 1 1/2" across
  • hangs from a hand dyed silk cord with a brass toggle
  • choose 18", 30" or Custom Length and leave a note at checkout with the length you'd like

This necklace was named after an Upper Paleolithic archeological site in the Czech Republic, Dolní Věstonice. Some of the earliest evidence of weaving was found here in the form of 25,000 year old clay shards with impressions of woven fabric pressed into them!!

The Unknown Hands Collection pays homage to ancient hand tools used in the textile production process, from spinning thread to weaving cloth to sewing. By drawing inspiration from these forms, I hope to contribute to the elevation and celebration of textile crafts which have historically been performed by anonymous women, and honor the centuries of labor and ingenuity of all the unknown hands whose work was vital to the advancement of civilization.

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