Powers Handcrafted Jewelry is an independent jewelry brand inspired by science and dedicated to creating high quality work with timeless style to be worn and loved for years.

I design jewelry to inspire curiosity and spark conversation. My jewelry tells a story about the world and about the people who wear it. People who love science, science fiction, and the natural world, who are confident in their style, who value hand made things and seek quality over quantity.

I began metalsmithing in college, where I earned a BA in Art. I worked as a bench jeweler for five years before starting my own business. Now I spend my days hand making each piece in my New Orleans studio, but the best part of my job is getting to connect with other folks who share my enthusiasm for all things science. From scientists and fossil hunters, to Sci-Fi fans, dinosaur lovers, and all the people who dreamed of going to space as kids. I love meeting you all and hope that my work brings you joy and lets you showcase and celebrate your passion!