Biwabik Necklace

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  • genuine Mary Ellen Jasper (aka STROMATALITES!!) in a gorgeous swirling pattern of red jasper and hematite
  • hand fabricated, sterling silver setting in a matte, antiqued finish - 2.25" x 1.25"
  • 18" sterling silver rolo chain with a dainty lobster claw - leave a note at checkout if you'd like a different length
  • a stunning piece of Earth's history, this piece is one of a kind and great for collectors!

Stromatalites are trace fossils from some of the earliest life on Earth! They were formed by ancient mats of cyanobacteria. The sticky bacteria grew on rock surfaces and would slowly collect a layer of sediment that eventually blocked the light of the sun. The bacteria would grow over the sediment to reach the light and the process would start again, gradually creating layers and layers of sediment that eventually petrified into the red jasper we see in this stone today! This stromatalite is found in the Mary Ellen mine in Biwabik, Minnesota and was deposited 1.85 BILLION years ago!