Siphon Signet Ring

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  • antiqued brass cast of a genuine Russian ammonite fossil - I love the crisply preserved details of the shell!
  • hand carved, solid sterling silver signet with an open center and comfortably rounded band
  • available in any size you'd like, including quarter sizes - if you don't see your size in the drop down menu just leave a note at checkout or reply to your order confirmation email
  • a perfectly science-y statement ring!

Also available as a necklace.

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Please allow 1-3 weeks production time. See the Info Page for more on policies and shipping. 

Ammonites are an extinct species of predatory marine mollusk. They lived in the last chamber of their coiled shells, where their soft body would be anchored and their tentacles would hang out the end, picture a modern day nautilus. They went extinct the same time as the non avian dinosaurs, about 66 million years ago.