Terrible Lavender Lizard Necklace - Fossil Dinosaur Bone

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  • genuine fossilized dinosaur bone in an unusual lavender/light blue color with a dark matrix and dark pink in some of the cells, this one is pretty incredible!
  • tear drop shape with a nice high polish, one tiny pit in the fossil near the top, and a secret smiley face on the back :)
  • hand fabricated, sterling silver setting with a matte, antiqued finish - fossil measures about  1.5" x 1", the pendant length is 2" long
  • 15" chunky, oval link sterling silver chain with a lobster claw clasp - if you'd like a different length leave a note at checkout or reply to your confirmation email
  • one of a kind, and a really special specimen!

Agatized dinosaur bones (aka gembones) are a rare type of fossil. To become agatized, first the original bone must be covered quickly in a material like ocean sediment or volcanic ash to prevent scavenging and keep oxygen out. In most cases, the bone is then permineralized - mineral rich ground water slowly seeps in and deposits some of those minerals in open cavities and tiny spaces in the cells. This is where the journey for most fossils ends. But when conditions are right, a second re-mineralization occurs and types of silica (jasper, agate, chalcedony, and my favorite kind of fossil - opal!) replace the first minerals, resulting in beautiful, colorful gembone!