Lirae Necklace - Fossil Orthoceras

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  • genuine orthoceras fossil with nice and distinct patterns
  • hand fabricated sterling silver bezel setting, 1 3/4" x 1"
  • sterling silver rolo chain measuring 20" long with a lobster claw clasp - leave a note at checkout or reply to your confirmation email if you'd like a different length
  • one of a kind and ready to ship!

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Orthoceras are an extinct marine predator that lived over 400 million years ago and could grow up to 14 feet long! It was a squid-like animal that lived in the end of a long, straight, cone shaped shell. As it grew larger, a new chamber on the shell would be made to live in and the smaller, interior chambers would be used to control buoyancy via the siphuncle that ran through the center. In this piece, you are seeing a side view of the shell, so those lines are the walls that separated each chamber.