Isopygous Earrings

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  • casts of a genuine peronopsis trilobite from the Wheeler Shale in Utah
  • available in brass or sterling silver
  • sterling silver posts and backs (the silver posts completely cover the back of the brass pair, so no brass will be in contact with your skin)
  • 3/8" long

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Trilobites are an extinct marine arthropod that lived from about 521 million to 252 million years ago, making them one of the most successful animals ever to live on Earth. There were over 17,000 different species and their fossils are found in ancient seabeds worldwide. Peronopsis' are unique among trilobites because they're head (cephalon) and booty (pygidium) are very similar. These little cuties didn't grow much bigger than a few millimeters long and were eyeless.