Vermis Necklace

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  • genuine petrified peanut wood in dark brown with creamy white
  • hand fabricated setting in sterling silver with a matte, oxidized finish
  • sterling silver rolo chain with a dainty lobster claw clasp - 17.5" total length
  • one of a kind and ready to ship!

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This specimen likely began as a conifer tree in Australia in the Cretaceous (145-66 million years ago). It probably lived near a river, and when it died that river carried it to a shallow salt water sea that covered a portion of Western Australia. Sea clam larvae attached to the wood and began to eat their way into it leaving lots of bore holes. Eventually, the tree became water logged and sank to the bottom where it began to be covered and filled in by fine sediments. The sediments in this sea were made of billions of tiny skeletons of plankton, which filled the bore holes and gives us that gorgeous high contrast. It is named peanut wood just because of it's resemblance, but is in effect petrified wood, fossilized plankton skeletons and clam burrow trace fossils! An incredible story of Earth's past!