Ambulacra Ring

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  • brass cast of a genuine blastoid fossil!
  •  round sterling silver band and setting with a matte finish, very comfortable to wear
  • available in any size you'd like, including quarter sizes! If you don't see your size in the drop down menu, leave a note at checkout
  • the ring sits about 1/2" off the finger, and measures about 1/2" wide
  • a unique ring featuring one of the prettiest specimens from the fossil record!

Despite their resemblance to plants, blastoids were an aquatic animal that lived in ancient seas until about 250 million years ago. They had a stalk at their base that would have been attached to the sea floor in life. The grooved portion of the fossil once had long thin finger/tentacle type body part that would catch food particles in the water and then pass them up towards the mouth. The smooth triangular parts were hard plates made of calcium carbonate that were used for protection. They are such gorgeous and complex little creatures!

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This item is made to order, please allow 1-3 weeks production time.