Unknown Hands Collection

Spinning thread, weaving cloth, and creating textiles has enabled humans to cloth themselves, create shelter, make sails, fish with nets, fashion ropes, and many many other things that we take for granted today. Whether historically overlooked as ‘just women’s work’ or simply not studied due to lack of interest or perceived lack of availability of preserved material, the importance of textile production has only recently begun to be given its due.
With this collection,  I hope to contribute to the elevation of these crafts which have historically been performed by anonymous women, and honor the centuries of labor and ingenuity of all the unknown hands whose work was vital to the advancement of civilization.
Each piece is inspired by hand tools used in some part of the textile production process - from spinning yarn to weaving cloth to sewing. I updated these age old forms with clean lines and a modern aesthetic to create wearable homages to the importance of textile crafts and craftspeople.
The designs in this collection are named for archeological sites where important discoveries relating to the history of textiles have been made. 

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