Spindle Whorl Necklace #10

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  • an authentic viking age spindle whorl! ~1" wide and 5/8" deep
  • strung on a maroon silk cord in any length you'd like
  • white brass toggle clasp
  • a beautiful piece of craft history!

Spindle whorls are used in the process of spinning raw material like wool and cotton into thread to be used to weave cloth. They are discs or spheres that fit onto the spindle in order to increase and regulate the spinning speed. They have historically been made from many materials including stone, glass, ceramic, animal bones, and metals.

This spindle whorl was carved from pink slate between 900 and 1100 AD! It was recovered in the Cherkasy region of Ukraine in a field that used to be the site of a Slavic settlement. I'd love to see the thread and cloth that this spindle whorl was used to create!